Blue Majik Spirulina - Top 8 Sizzling Questions Answered

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Blue Majik is a term you may have heard or come across your Insta feed. It can turn your food into a strikingly blue color, has numerous health benefits, and one of the top superfoods taking over the nutrition and wellness world. Let’s get to know Blue Majik by E3Live by answering these top questions about this excellent blue green algae supplement.

What is Blue Majik?

First, Blue Majik is used as a common noun. Little did you know, it is a branded, proprietary extract of Arthrospira platensis, also known as spirulina, a type of freshwater algae, by the company E3Live ( This product is sold as a supplement in powder or capsule form.

Spirulina and Blue Majik – What is the difference?

If you are thinking of this same questions, here is a simple explanation on an article we found by The Herd Juicery:

“Both of these superfoods are extracts of blue-green algae. Not to get too scientific, but there are two main compounds in blue-green algae: phycocyanin and chlorophyll. Blue Majik comes from phycocyanin and spirulina comes from chlorophyll. How crazy is it that these two different superfoods actually both come from algae?!”

What is Blue Majik made of?

According to the company website, E3Live Blue Majik is a chemical-free extract of Arthrospira platensis (Spirulina), a Nutrient Dense AquaBotanicalTM which contains both Phycocyanin (PC) and non-PC compounds. This combination is not found in standard or regular spirulina powder.

Are there any health benefits?

Rich in essential nutrients and minerals such as proteins, enzymes, vitamin B12, A, K, E, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, omega-6 fatty acid, gamma linolenic acid, immune-boosting chlorophyll, have powerful antioxidant and anti cancer properties, just to mention a few, the answer is a resounding YES!

What is E3Live Blue Majik good for?

According to L.A.-based holistic nutritionist and fitness expert Kara Griffin in an interview found here, she said:

“Spirulina is often touted as being one of the most nutritionally dense foods in the world. Studies also suggest that due to its high antioxidant content which aids with inflammation spirulina may be able to help fight cancer and other diseases. It’s also chock-full of protein and B vitamins, which is why it tends to be so popular with the plant-based set. Nutrient density means a food can work toward healing many imbalances at once, and I love spirulina for that reason it can multitask for you” .

Is blue spirulina safe?

Product safely is directly related to the care and attention given to sourcing and harvesting of blue spirulina. Unless you know the source of your spirulina extract, there is no guarantee of quality. However, with a trusted brand such as E3 Live, they claim:

“From the moment we harvest the AFA, to its final packaging, we work with only the most highly trained and qualified staff. We handle our AFA with such care from start to finish. Factors contributing to this quality include: where and how we harvest, keeping the AFA cold at all times, superior filtration and storage, and ongoing quality-control testing of all of our products. All E3 products are tested thoroughly by independent USDA certified labs for food safety, shelf-life and various other purity tests. We test for: Listeria, Salmonella, Staph aureus, Yeast/Mold, Coliform/E Coli, Aerobic Plate Count, BMAA, PAH, Microcystin, Anatoxin-a, Saxotoxin, Cylindrospermopsin, and Neurotoxin. We meet or exceed all of the standards for each of these set forth by the FDA and Dept. of Agriculture. We also test the lake water quarterly for radionuclides, heavy metals and pesticide residue and we use the standards and guidelines that are set for drinking water. These include: Arsenic, Mercury, Lead, Cadmium. This is done by independent laboratories specializing in food and water quality.

What does Blue algae taste like?

Blue-green algae in its natural form taste fishy and have a pond water smell. This is often off-putting to people. The E3 Live brand, however, uses proprietary processing that makes their Blue Majik powder has a much more neutral smell and flavor.

What is the best blue spirulina?

Hands down, blue spirulina by E3Live Blue Majik. The company has been producing blue-green algae supplements since 1995 and have won various awards for the best spirulina superfood. But don’t just take our word for it.

Here are some notable feedbacks from blue spirulina users:

“This product has changed how I am able to function in the world. I was born with an extreme autoimmune disease that has landed me in the hospital up to five times a year. Blue Majik has given me the hard hitting tool I needed to turn things around. Controlling my inflammation has kept me out of the ICU and able to go out with friends again. Thank you for this quality product.” – Sarah

My Husband is a recent survivor of [a very serious medical condition]. Sometimes the nerve pain was so great in his abdomen that he didn’t want to eat. After one week of 2 Blue Majik once a day the nerve pain vanished and has not returned. I am so grateful for this product.” – Jaclyn

E3Live Blue Majik has worked wonders for many of its users, both old and new. We hope that by answering some of the most common asked questions about Blue Majik, you have gained a clearer understanding of what this product can contribute to your quality of life. So go ahead and do some smoothie bowls you’ve been wanting to do, make some bright blue juice for family or friends, or sprinkle some blue powder into your ice cream. Who knows, your creation may be the next IG superstar?

Ira L. Bailey

Ira L. Bailey

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